Friday, October 24, 2014

There are NO MUFFIN TOPS in Grunge... Bring Back the 90's.

I recently found out that my blog was nominated for a Mobbie Award

The Mobbie's (pronounced Mob-ee, as in, "The Mob") is The Baltimore Sun's yearly best blog contest. This year, the Mobbie's are celebrating the medium's early days - when blog posts were shared without 'share' buttons - and all else '90s.

So, as a condition of being nominated, we're to post on our respective nominated blogs what ONE THING we'd bring back from the 1990's. As I've been thinking about this very thing for months now, I have an answer primed and ready for just this occasion...

What would I bring back from the 90's? 


I am a grunge fan from way back. When grunge came out - the fashion 'loose' as apposed to the fashion 'forward' ways - I was in heaven. Finally! Clothing that felt good, looked good - at least to me - and was, above all, honest

And I object to the description that Grunge was all about showing the world that you "just don't care." To me, it's the total opposite. Grunge says, "I care a lot...about MYSELF." 

I'M comfortable.
I'M dressed in what I want to be dressed in.
I'M comfortable. 

Yes, Grunge is, quintessentially, putting on your comfies and hitting the town, although not in the sweat-pants way, or worse, the lame-ass wearing-my-pajamas-out-in-public way. No. Grunge was jeans, jean shorts, t-shirts, flannel. Lots of flannel. 

For us chicas, it was all about looking good with sass, but not in the sexual/sensual way. Grunge isn't about being 'dressed to kill' , looking 'over the top' or 'showing off your assets' to the world. There's no tight shirts paired with tight, skinny jeans in Grunge. 

There are NO MUFFIN TOPS in Grunge.

Muffin tops are proof that whatever you're wearing doesn't fit, and that you're trying to fit into something that's not meant for you - your size, your shape, your life. With Grunge, everything fits - comfortably - and probably because it's a size too big. But who cares?!

The size you wear is NOT who you are!

I feel Grunge allows people to feel happy about themselves and who they are. There's no pressure to make sure your ass-pants fit perfect. You just wear jeans, and preferably jeans that you've loved and worn long enough that the holes and tatters show it. 

And always pair whatever you're wearing with some flannel...

Don't forget the flannel!

I don't necessarily think Grunge came out of the want/desire/need to be comfortable all the time. It just was comfortable in and of itself. And the flannel really helped keep everything cozy :). Wear it tattered and open, or tie it around your waist. I remember raiding my dad's closet, pinching all his flannel and wearing it to school every day. I dated skater boys and  swapped flannels with them. It was kind of like wearing your boyfriend's ring, but instead you got his flannel...or visa-versa. 

Dude, did you see Lia in So-in-so's flannel??? They must be going out! Lol... those were the days...

So I say, without a doubt, hesitation or what have you... 


And RAISE your middle finger to the fashion police.

Say FAREWELL to tight jeans, tight shirts, tight everything.

Scream "F-OFF, LOSER!" to muffin tops. 

And just be comfortable, dude. 

Just be.